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      The Orderly-Sergeant looked down the line, and called out:

      And we'll hurl the rebel crew from the land we love the best,"Suppose you find him and he refuses to give himself up?"

      "Right face; Arms a-port; Break ranksMarch!" commanded the Orderly-Sergeant, and there was a clatter of tin cups and plates as they came rushing toward him to get their dinnersomething to stay their ravenous stomachs. There was a clamor of rage, ridicule, wrath and disappointment as they took in the scene.

      Things had now been tolerably quiet in the car for over half an hour, entirely too long for a party of soldiers returning to the front. Monotonous peace169 was obnoxious to them. A two-fisted young fellow up toward the front rose up, drained the last drops from a pint flask, dashed the bottle on the floor, and yelled:


      "Quite all right."


      "I feel trapped within walls!"


      "Gimme your canteen, too, Shorty, and I'll fill it!" he said."Shot up, Si," shouted Shorty, desperately. "Do you want me to bang you over the head with my97 musket? Do you s'pose I kin stand everything? But I believe there's jest sich a spring-house down there, and we'll find it plumb-full o' all them sort o' things. Le's mosey on."